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Your Past and Future Lives

A session of past life regression or future life progression can be life changing. So often we struggle through lives making the same mistakes over and over. We read the books, go to the workshop, do the meditations but somehow never seem to move forward.

A past life session can clear old patterns, explain why we have certain people and situations in our lives. It can reveal talents and abilities. Most of all we can leave the past behind us and clear the way for a better life.

A future life progression session is a life changing and powerful insight into your own future. You can discover who you will be with, where you will be living, how your career is going. You can look at alternate future and even go forward into your next lifetime and bring back the wonderful energy from the future you.

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In the last few years I have lost several family members, I cannot tell you how happy I am to have seen us all reunited with them in my future lifetimes

I just had to let you know that I have found the house I saw in my future progression. It is the same in every detail. 

FLP helped me so much when I was at a huge crossroads in my life. I saw myself in a new company with a much higher position, one I never thought I could achieve. The funny thing is I saw my future boss having a huge beard, imagine how shocked I was when I went for the interview and there he was, complete with big beard  

I have been floundering around for so long and when my friend told me about FLP I was very sceptical but now I am taking action and I know exactly which path to take,

This is life changing stuff, 

Awesome, I actually saw my three future children, 

My past life regression session has explained so many things. I feel so much clearer now.  

Now I know why I spoil my husband so much. He was previously my son! 

Since my session of past and future lives have a new sense of my life path. Something that has totally eluded me before.