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How will our beautiful planet be in fifty years time? Will it be a peaceful and affluent haven or will it be a war torn, polluted nightmare.

And your own country will it be thriving or struggling?

For my second book ‘The Future Is Yours’ I conducted a study into the world in 100 years time; the results were astonishing with the vast majority of people seeing the same thing much of which was not what we expected.

For my fourth book I want to take this a big step further. Instead of simply seeing how things will be, we will discover the best possible future for our world in 50 years time. It is time find some real answers on how to make sure our world is heading in the right direction.

First we will look how the world will be if we carry on as we are. Then we will look at the best possible future for the world in 50 years. We will discover what we have done to bring this about. How have we made this happen and has any one person, country or organisation led the way?

If enough people take part we can really make a difference, and we can learn valuable lessons from our own future

I would love your input to see what you have to say so do email me your findings at

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